Summer days

March 18, 2011
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I miss the old days of careless summer days
spent wrestling and teasing with nothing implied
water fights and games of tag in my backyard
my friends gathered in my driveway drooling over you
watching movies on the couch
my dad threatening to sit on you because you talked too much
where did the time go? Now you won’t meet my eyes, won’t answer my text
your all wrapped up in your girlfriend
every now and then I have hope when you meet my eyes and smile as we share a joke and I'm reminded of those days
but in an instant it’s gone and I'm alone in my longing
wishing I could ask you if we could ever have fun like that
some of the best times of my life
Is when i see you and you pull me into a hug before you leave
i can smell the hope in the form of your cologne
but its all over to quickly as you get in your car and drive away leaving me just a speck in your review mirror
I'll go home that night and I'll meet you in my dreams where you and I are little again
so I wait and wonder if I'm doomed to forever wlish for time spent with you

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