March 18, 2011
Night falls
As the sun sets away
The light fades
So goodbye we say today

Darkness falls over
Every building, tower
Blade of grass
Until the moon rises
full or new

The sun drops
far below the hills
Cascading colors
of red and orange
Eventually fading
to blue then black

Shadows upon shadows
Until night comes to grace
Whisking away the light
the rays of the sun

Warmth fades
As the sun slowly sets
It's cold and dark
Nothing to see
No where to hide

There's no reflection
No light in my eyes
It too
fades like the setting sun
When night comes to play

The laughter dies
Smiles fade
Eyes will close
Going to nightmares
Sometimes dreams

Everything fades
into something we cannot see
when the sun sets away
Dropping below the hills
Giving colors to none at all
Staying dark for too long
Up until dawn

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