The American

March 18, 2011
The sweat drips from his brow
As he runs to duck for cover
His surroundings like Apocalypse Now
He lives that day to die another

Emerging himself in a land of atrocity
In order to preserve his freedom
After an assault upon his democracy
Traveled far from home to defeat them

Then, known by few and sometimes forgotten
Save for those that held him close
His body presently decayed and rotten
He is now loved by most

The hero who currently remains nameless
And a family missing a son still
Unintentionally made himself famous
Dying for freedom at his own free will

As the celebrations end and the streamers fall
Those he fought for return home
By the end of the day, forgotten by all
Why our hero lay dead, entombed in stone

The next time you enjoy life and liberty
Forget not to remember with prideful composure
He who gave his life to live yours free
A true hero, an American soldier

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