Me and You..Us

By , Auburntown, TN
Why I did it,

I don’t know,

I thought it would fill the emptiness,

I wish it had been you,

That I know,

But still I wish that I never did any of those things,

It would all be better that way,


Wouldn’t be a question tearing us apart,

We would know if it was love,

I wish I could go back and have just said no,

But what’s done is done,

You reap what you sow,

Every kiss that lead to something more,

I wish I could have froze it there,

The only reason I did those things,

Was because I was scared,

Of loosing you,

Then when I thought I lost you,

There pops up another guy,

But with you it was different,

It was better,

Everything seemed okay,

Till you said lust,

And that’s when I fell apart,

We’re still apart,

But then again halfway there,

It’s all up to you,

Love or lust,

Love or lust,

You have to choose,

I can’t wait here forever,

I would,

But I would only be slowly killing myself,

We’re young,

You mind is a mess,

Try to be wise,

Use your right head,

I want you so bad,

But you’re taking so long,

I can feel me starting to break…

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