March 15, 2011
These scars,
Will fade,
But always remain.
The pain is gone,
It's still there,
In my heart and mind.
It still hurts,
It doesn't stop.

You can't see all the scars,
Not all are visible.
Some never healed,
Some never will.
It's hurt for so long,
It still hurts.
Make it go away,
It won't stop,
They won't heal.

Do you care about these scars?
Will you try,
And help me heal?
Would you care,
If more scars came?
Will you,
Hold me,
And say,
Everything is alright?
Even if I never heal?

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TheQuietGirl said...
May 26, 2011 at 1:48 pm
I know what you mean. Everyday I look at my scars on my wrist and thigh and wonder, "Will andybody accept me? Will anybody love me? Will anybody ever love my scars?"
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