March 15, 2011
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I don't know how to tell you I miss you
Or why it's you I dream of at night.
I want to know again how it feels to kiss you
To know that with you it'll be alright

I don't even know how to start to express how I feel
looking at you, not you, your smile, your eyes, your touch.
Not you, but me, never will heal from this pain that you deal

Me.Everytime you change I die, don't say her name
never to speak, to feel, to love you, not you but me
Saying all the things you think I need to hear, your fame
Your popularity, goodness me, should've known how we would be

Ending up. Stop. The agonizing pain
The rift between us will never be filled
No sunshine after the rain
No happiness that comes with the pain billed

Directly to my door. Knock, Knock
Don't open, never again will I open, never.
Knock, knock. Goes tik tok flows
The tears dry from your eyes, but I
Still cry. The irony of it all makes it bearable.
Bearable, still yet so terrible.

I don't know how to tell you Je morte, Elle morte.
If you even care to learn, to live, laugh, touch
Me.Try, fly to your home, heart
Me? her? NOT!

I don't know how to tell you she will never cry, but I die
Why? You are more important to me than her
You see now sir? Sir, you she, not you, not me
She will never be, never see you

I don't know how to tell you she's a fake
All the time you thinking of me, I'm here to take
the time. Time tik tok, knock knock
Possibility, not reality, not me, but she
She has the reality, all I have is the memory.

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