March 18, 2011
There is no such thing,
As a total secret.
Someone always figures it out,
And you have no control over it.
You can try your hardest,
Fake the opposite,
But someone,
Always figures it out.
I guess it’s good that it always happens like that,
Because a secret kept to long,
Will become lethal.
Eventually killing the person that holds it,
And eating away everything that doesn’t pertain to it.
It gets to the point that,
Everyone can see it,
It shows itself on your face,
In everything you do.
Yet you still,
Being as stubborn as the human race is,
You still try and hide it,
Because for some stupid reason,
You think it’s not noticeable.
You begin to hide everything.
In some cases the person holding the secret,
Let’s it go,
And it doesn’t have the chance to fester in the brain,
And start to eat everything else.
Which person can you trust?
The one that’s slowly rotting away,
Because of some secret they’ve kept for far too long.
Or the one that doesn’t understand the whole concept of keeping a secret,
And let’s it out almost the exact second,
They’re told the secret.

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