That's Not What Life's About

March 18, 2011
Drop me when I’m bleeding, then tell me that you care.
Wouldn’t it be funny, if you’re the one who’s there?
To love me when I’m happy, and leave me when I cry.
To scream when I am lonely, then sing a lullaby.

Would it be that difficult, to show me you are here?
To be with me when I need you, to take away my fear.
Or could you just say goodbye, and take it all away?
No more hurting over all my tears, just crying over pain.

When I’m dying would you hold me up, and push away my doubt?
Or would you say that I am giving up, that’s not what life’s about?
Would you follow after me, when I leave this fate?
Or would you stand and watch me go, saying it’s too late?

And I wonder to myself at times, if I’m the one who’s wrong.
Maybe that’s how it supposed to be, this is good all along.
But break me down just one more time, to make me think you are real.
You cut me down and push me out, but then my heart you steal.

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