For Someone With Narrow, Unseeing Eyes

April 2, 2011
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The sun is shining
In the sky,
That everyone can see;
Too bad you can't appreciate
The feeling,
And just be...

Awake to all the senses
That I know that you possess,
But instead you thrive on martyrdom,
Only to think less...

Of yourself for all the benefits,
To reap what you have sown;
To claim of all complexities,
When only you have shown...

A series of emotions,
In which you like to drown-
In that blackened sea of sorrows,
Generic, weak, and found...

By those with the appearance,
That every hope is gone-
That every day's a nightmare,
That every night drags on...

As they slip inside their covers,
And crash into their beds-
Ignorant to the charity
Of the roof above their heads...

And the lungs inside their bodies
Work with every breath they take;
Their stomachs are not empty,
And their windows do not break...

From resounding shocks of gunshots,
Paving conflict and despair-
Think of all the helpless beings
That forever must be there...

To witness all reality
In this world that you reside,
Facing every face of danger,
But they somehow still can find...

A way to make the best in life-
A way to soldier through;
A way to see that sun I see-
A way that sits in you...

If you put away your selfish
Sense of ignorance and greed-
If your realize tangibility,
Maybe you'll be freed...

But I don't think you'll listen,
Since sub-consciously you love,
All of your attention,
So you'll never rise above...

Every fake and shallow problem,
That only you can see-
Just know that it's pathetic,
And you'll never affect me...


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