March 12, 2011
By Amanda93 GOLD, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Amanda93 GOLD, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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You listen
As I speak
Of death,
And aggression.
And you question
My mental stability.
Assuming something’s wrong
With me.
And you rule out
Any possibility
That I may be onto something
When I say
Such things aloud.
I’m just saying
What you already know.
And although you won’t talk about it,
You’ll still whisper
In the shadows.
You’re scared.
When I write
In such dark shades.
But what I write
Is real,
All you see
Is negative commotion.
Unnecessary words.
Written lies.
And even though
I’ve wrote it many times,
You’re still surprised
If someone in your life
Commits suicide.
Or someone you love
Shoots up to get high.
Because honestly,
The truth of my words
Have you terrified.
So I hope
You’re more aware
That this happens
And when you turn
Your head away,
You show how much you care.
So I could write
In fairy tales,
Happiness or smiles.
Take your pick.
Just remember
It’s not the healthy
Who need a doctor,
But the sick.

The author's comments:
This poem is a way to help raise awareness of tragic things like suicide, addicts, or anything else that society doesn't like to talk about.
People are surprised when I write of things like this and think it shouldn't be talked about so out in the open. But if it isn't talked about, nothing can be done to help stop it.

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