So Sue Me

March 25, 2011
By , aurora, IL

Being another reckless teenager.

Being Obnoxious.

Being lame at times.

Being Funny.

Being 5ft. 6in.

Wearing heels.

Not always thinking before acting.

Liking Justin Beiber.

Skipping a class.

Cutting all my hair off.

Wearing "too much" mascara.

Spending countless hours on Facebook.

Going to church every Sunday.

Being a hypocrite.

Mocking others.

Not being a Virgin.

Being mixed race.

My Imperfections.

Being above average.

Not being "normal".

Watching Jersey Shore.(AND, loving every minute of it.)

Being Cliche.


Only reading the comics section of the newspaper.

Being Punny.

Wearing glasses, only when i HAVE/NEED to.

Being 17 and not caring about have my license.

Striving for the acceptance of others, but not letting them in on it.

Over using the word "like".

Being overweight.

Being an aspiring journalist.

Over indulging in life.

So, you sue me...okay. What are the charges?

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Erecura said...
Oct. 15, 2011 at 4:54 pm
I LOVE this. So true... people always think that teenagers are annoying, but it's just who we are. Everybody has imperfections, and some aren't at all bad. This is a great article. Sometimes I want to ask adults what it was like for them when they were teenagers, when they start ratting on me about just being a teenager.
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