Evil Faced People

March 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Just a little girl forced to grow up too fast,
Mommas sick and her world is shattered like glass,
Screaming and fighting, drowns the sound of her silent cries every night,
She sits and wonders of the man that should be there,
The man that should be proctecting her from Daddy’s evil glares,
She hates his face, all scrunched up and yelling,
Daddy why are you like this, what could I have ever done so wrong,
I try to be perfect Daddy, your perfect little girl,
That little girl, would do anything for them,
Those evil faced people who turn their back on her,
Those evil faced people that don’t even care,
Behind closed doors, its all the same to them,
Because they have a Daddy who is there,
To check under the bed each night,
For boogie monsters or maybe some vicious bear,
But that little girl was forced to grow up to fast,
Without a Daddy that truly cares.

The author's comments:
Just some feelings, finally getting out bout my family.

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