March 10, 2011
By Trey7053 BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
Trey7053 BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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I watched as you bathed in the golden light,
The sun showering you,
Accentuating all of your angelic features.
The pearly grin and
Glistening eyes,
Flowing, brown hair,
Playfully blowing in a nonexistent breeze.

Your glazed brown eyes pierced my own eyes.
Your lack of sympathy grasped my heart and
Bound it in chains.
Your failed attempt of understanding tightened the chains
Constricted my beating heart
Slowing my rhythmic pulses.
My own love shattered my heart,
Blinking away burning tears.

I laughed maniacally at how ironically
My own heart destroyed itself.

I began to fall as you drifted back into the mist
From which you had emerged every other night.

Darkness enveloped me as I was free falling
Hoping to sail through the air forever,
Never leaving the feather-light sensation
Of my eternal damnation.

Reality slammed me into damp sheets and pillows
Soaked from salty perspiration.
My eyelids slid open to reveal my cloudy vision,
My yellowing, sleep deprived eyes itching with exhaustion.

Checking the time: 11:11.
I wished for my heart to let you go,
For me to be free of the torment
You unknowingly put me through.

I have been enslaved for far too long,
Giving my heart the consent to keep my soul tied to you,
Signing away my sanity to the temptations of love.
I am a phoenix of sorts
Being reborn from the ashes of my burning passion,
Lifting from the embers the shards of my callused heart
Putting the pieces together using an adhesive called friends;
I’m done.
I’m moving on.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by my first love of a person who did not love me back. It has been a year since I wrote this poem, and I can still feel my feelings slowly burning away.

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