What Would You Choose?

March 10, 2011
Your face is permanently printed in my mind,
I can’t get it out no matter how hard I might try.
You’re always right there,
In the background,
With everything that I do.
I miss your smile,
The way your eyes would lighten up when you looked at me.
Your smell,
I can’t go anywhere without the faintest hint of it.
You’re blocking my mind,
I try to get over you,
But I just can’t seem to succeed.
You have no idea how much I wish I had you back,
And it seems to me you wouldn’t care.
I see what I could be when I look at you,
But you see just another girl,
When you look at me.
If only you knew,
How many tears I’ve cried.
If only I could show you,
These things that I’ve written to try,
To block you out.
For awhile I honestly thought,
I was able to let you go.
But now I see,
That I’ll never reach that point where,
I don’t miss everything about you.
I guess I have two choices,
I can either let this continue to kill me,
And watch you as you act on your instincts.
Or I can tell you how I really feel,
And risk the friendship I’ve just,
Recently rebuilt.
If this was switched,
And you felt this way about me.
Which would you choose?

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