The Monster

March 10, 2011
I feel like my head might explode,
A headache that feels like a crash.
My addiction flares up again,
At its highest peak.
I don’t know how to stop this,
And even if I did,
I know I wouldn’t.
The pain without it is just too hard to bear,
It would tear me apart.
But this monster seems,
To be doing the same thing.
I can’t live without it,
Breathe without it,
Sleep without it.
Have you ever felt the tearing of an addiction?
When you don’t fulfill the need,
To continue in this hell.
It seems to stalk me,
When I feel like I,
Can go without it,
For even the shortest amount,
Of time.
I feel like I’m dying,
But maybe I am.
It’s my life,
But I know,
I shouldn’t use this.
I’d rather live in the fake world,
I create when I’m,
Talking to the monster.
He tells me to come back,
To fall for him once again,
To slip into his arms,
Rest my head upon his shoulder,
To depend on him.
In everything I do,
I see it.

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