Blood and Tears

March 10, 2011
You only bleed if you leave the cut open,
You only cry if you let the tears roll.
A band-aid is only a temporary fix,
A tissue will soak up your tears for a minute.
Maybe you didn’t think it would hurt,
Maybe you tried to hold on.
What’s the point in hiding your feelings?
What’s the real reason for your tears?
Your life might be a pain,
Your tears may leave a stain.
Some tell us to let ourselves go,
Some tell us to stay under lock and key.
Do you listen to the conflicts?
Do you run away from fear?
Do you bleed because of a knife?
Do you cry because of a loss?
I hope you find the way to close the cut,
Leave it here forever.
Try to keep your friends with you,
If you’re crying already.
You can’t bleed without a cut,
You can’t cry without a cause.

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