bruised love part 1

March 10, 2011
By , North Providence, RI
Many girls in the world don’t understand that they’re under the power of their evil man…

Everyday they get beat up for little things, by the end of the day… they can’t move, talk or sing

I hate it when the women lie to the big, big world, but I say to them ‘’come on, speak up, don’t let it go.’’

It’s sad how their love is not called true love… but instead is called the one and only Bruised Love.

At least 1/10 women in the world die everyday from all the abuse and lies that is in the way.

The fight goes on for many minutes, But Stop!! Let’s do something… the time is winning.

Why the heck do men think that we’re they’re punching bag? Didn’t someone in their life teach them how to act?

I think it’s about time we teach them who runs this place, cause I won’t let you go through one more disgrace.

Everyday he gets home drunk, high or mad and he takes it out on you, but let him know you want to say a little thing or two.

You let him know that by the time he leaves you… you will be all grown, and if someday he sees you, you say ‘’to me you’re made of stone’’

You tell him you get me out of your life and I’ll get you out of mine…I am fully grown and you’re wasting my time.

Say it ‘’ I am not your punching bag, I’m a human being, leave with your swag and let me be.’’

You’ve made your decision to let him go, and now it’s time for you to get on your own.

You got to stand up and put your head straight up high, be a warrior, be a brave one and don’t you hide.

Tell him you’re sick and tired of living as his punching bag, hold on, wait a minute…and do your swag.

You’re beautiful and you shouldn’t live like this, he wants your respect with his manly fist.

But cry, let it out, clean yourself, remember I’ll be there to protect your shell.

But hold on, wait a minute, let me think what I’m going to do, I am going to help you out of this, just give me a day or two.

Remember: I’m your friend , I’m your sister, your protector when you need me, men beating on women is called uncensored, can’t you hear me?

Men should chill out and take it easy! Say it; don’t be scared, I should call you Miss Big Brezzy


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