Our World's Mixed Together

March 10, 2011
By ShadowWriter BRONZE, Kiowa, Colorado
ShadowWriter BRONZE, Kiowa, Colorado
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Our worlds mixed together

Hello sea animals and sea mammals

To live on land there are many things you need to learn

Living on land takes many skills that you do not posses

Skills you do not posses are abundant

You must be able to grow legs and not get beached
Also you must be able to breathe our air and without using your gills to convert water to oxygen.
Last you must lose about three hundred pounds
This is for bigger fish over 600 pounds

For the little fish under about 100 pounds

You must watch out for crosswalks people drive crazy up here
When walking through the streets don’t take it personal if people almost step on you.
If you get a car please don’t get a big truck because you know…
Small fish, big truck.
Also if you go to the spa don’t go into the tanning bed for too long
Because people might start yelling!
“Free Sushi”

To all sea animals don’t eat sushi because it is your own kind and that is very terrible. It’s illegal for fish only

I mean imagine your son in your stomach

That is what we call cannibalism

Also to the sharks out there please do not eat the human race
You should have enough food up here for you to eat and if we let you onto our land you should have some sympathy… to not eat us.
And if you do we will blow your brains out and then eat you
Also please take the stairs instead of the elevator because you are going to…
kill us all.

Coming from the ocean to the land world there are many differences.
And guess what..?
Also up here there are many things that can hurt you:
Sharp pointy objects
Weapons of mass destruction
Nuclear warfare
Yes our world up here is a very dangerous and destructive place.
But it also can be very, very peaceful, loving, and caring.

Last and most important thing is to all of you fish that are going to try to live up here do us a favor and
take baths
We don’t want to smell fish all and everyday
Last please respect our homes and cities if not we will make you into “Sushi.”

The author's comments:
I made this piece of writing because I just wanted to make people laugh and have a good time with this poem. I write so I can entertain so I hope you enjoy this.

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