You Know

March 11, 2011
Go away



Come back

And finally when I settle you seem to understand

The moments when I crumbled

You know the reason why I ran

And the open lies beneath

They fan the singing air

And push against denial

You know honesty is so rare

Motions lost in juice

And lemonade clinks in crys

So when I milked you of your time

You know you drained me of my rise

Flailing and holding

Wonder why the bird purrs

Wonder why the cat laughs

You know why the scars burn

Flinching and crushing

While twigs tumble down

Between the branches of enjoyment

You know you can see the timid frown

Hunting down and protecting

And the sun still skips away

And the moon dances with vigor

You know the stars fade and sway

Lifting and dropping

As the forests fall apart

The canyon shrinks back

You know the mountains lose their hearts

Annoying and appealing

While the eager clock awakes

And you hit the edge of time

You know you swallow your mistakes

Devil and demeanor

With a bit of humble pride

Kicking at the whispers

You know you shush away the tide

Glancing and observing

Fleeting silence with shriveled despair

Thanking shadows and demanding

A round of appaluse for air

Gasping and screaming

Since when do people die?

Since when does a flower listen?

You know why does water dry?

Leaving and ignoring

Hissing at the sound of hate

When shouting makes you silent

You know elevators stop at the floor of fate

Dancing and shying

Tipping far from pain

Where apples fall like raisins

You know sunshine feels like rain

Spinning and sighing

Like dresses carved around

The bodies of survival

You know spirits young and drowned

Yanking and shrugging

Mixing watermelons with sand

And oceans crimson pretty

You know they face away from ancient clay lands

Models and shivers

With cubs yawning spite

With caresses and comforts

You know the preparation for a fight

Giggling and tripping

Over layers of spice

To acting like you love them

You know that smiling sacrifice

Accepting and despising

A little bit of death

A eraser

And a liar

You know the fun of ending breaths

Flicking and plotting

Feathers scrape grey

Skies growl in splendor

You know nights loathe the day

Living and defying

And glancing at the fire

Elephants stomp your grave

And you know that your the liar

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SeasofSorrow said...
Apr. 10, 2011 at 5:16 pm

Last line has been changed...

"Living and defying

And glancing at the fire

Elements stomp your grave

And you know that your the liar"

Don't know if anyone cares...but yeah :P

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