Ode To Thy Mother's Dedicated Motherhood

March 10, 2011
By JarrettDean1 BRONZE, Bel Air, Maryland
JarrettDean1 BRONZE, Bel Air, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"Losers are not the one's who try and fail, but Losers are categorized as those who fail to try."

--Dedicated to My Loving Inspirational Mother--

Once again,
this woman maintains the most quick,
and steadily concentrated,
in giving my mind the automatic ability
to comprehend reassurance.
Supporting every time I
develop thoughts,
in order for me to reassure
myself confidently, that I will always
drift away
into sweet and promising,
imagination established dreams
immediately following her;
golden harp dressed, angel-like, voice.

Walking earth as my mother,
this magnificently mind numbing
human being and I
had previously reached our
three millionth, six hundred and thirty eight
thousandth, five hundred and forty ninth
‘I Love You’ earlier this evening.
It is still so far out of, range;
range revolving around matter,
in which deals with
correctly established unique masterpieces,
describing such vast quantities
that has been previously
consumed by the
cherished yet elaborate,
loving and devoted affections
my seemingly
careless yet
true-heartedly wonderful,
striving only for her,
confidently holds consistent
towards my mother’s
remarkable, most beautiful
thing I have ever seen in this world,

While adding each
and every last
important drop of
each feeling categorized
by the utterly supreme,
highest possible hierarchy,
involving appreciation and respect
within the whole universe
surrounding us,
will continue to never-ever be
correct capitalization of each
amazing word I hear my mother
annunciate perfectly,
nor is it that,
any faint wink of the eye isn’t even
close to enough gratitude
to support any
possible complex compliment
equivalently given to thy mothers
delicate, determination;
involving such mass amounts of
love, care, and her
‘one-hundred and fifty percent’
Dedication in which she so
involuntarily strives for,
each and every day,
just to make her, three,
unthankful on the outside children
experience every tiny;
carelessly disregarding
to thy mothers’ feelings,
piece or slither of ultimate happiness
thy motherly possible.

Unintentionally thy mother’s
daughter and two sons
distill a thought in her frontal lobe
in which ignites her worry wart sensitivity,
creating the development of constant
twenty four seven,
high velocity,
quick reaction,
choosing the very best choice
for every incompetent
decision making encounter;
that our unique family of four
seem to run into.

I will immortally believe
in the wish I wished
every single birthday.
Remembering all meaning
through my mother repetitively
decorating the house on each of
“our” day’s mornings,
accomplishing endless,
impossibly forgotten smiles.
Wishing upon each carefully
placed color coated
birthday candles.
The first moment,
since the age of twelve,
I started recollecting
every tiny, undeserving,
irrational emotion evoked
from our not previously
thought about thoughts
that my brother, sister,
and I have continuously flushed down her
over worked, fed up,
dorsal aorta, every millisecond
of every day.
My mother is the one and only person
in my life who I, no matter what,
repetitively state and declare as
my inspiration to life,
concluding the hypothesis
in which she is my
A preciously strong,
wonderful, and nearly,
other than the disappointments
I will forever never forget,
perfectly happy mind.
I, so angry with myself,
caused her to deny every ounce
of trust and at some points
even happiness.
For one of the large, long list,
of astonishing qualities
downloaded in her shiny,
entirely proper anima.
Her ability to show me every
possible and proper way to
succeed in life, along with
guiding me down the right
pathway of successful
life fulfillment.

My mother is not the best
mother in the entire world,
yet my magnificently unique
mother is the best mother in
this whole entire, complex universe
stretching across infinity
after infinities of light years.
An upcoming day,
close or far I hope
my mother can, finally
in the end, realize that
every single thing I do
that makes her sad in
anyway, just continues to build up on the
same list I disrespectfully
conjured over these seventeen years
of my life,
while each year I would continue to pray
that my mother would someday
be proud of me,
at the same time
never doubting how
widespread my love, for her, reaches.
This woman is the one woman I shall
continue, month after month,
year after year,
to love with all my determined,
inspired by no one other than her,

To you,
my inspiration,
my hero,
I Love You.

The author's comments:
This was a poem, truthfully from my heart, that i had written on Valentines Day for my mother.

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