I Wait For You

March 4, 2011
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The sky is falling, falling,
Turning purple and gold with age
I see shadows of you ev-er-y-where.
Today, I grow weary.
Tired, am I, of searching.

The sky catches itself, rising,rising
Bringing with it, my hope and
a new day
I see shadows, yes, but you are
Today, I grow angry.
Tired, am I, of failing.

Show yourself!
Are you hiding?
Are you lost?
You must find your own way,
For tonight, I sleep.

My dream, it brings me thoughts,
Horrible things…
Have you given up?
Is the thought of finding me not enough?
Would you search forever just for love?

But then, you show yourself,
In my dream.
To bring me solace,
Not to worry, you are on your way.

Upon waking, I smile.
Rising, I look outside,
Patiently, now, I wait.
It has no boundaries,
Take your time.
The sky has no limits,
Nor do I.

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