1000 Faces

March 4, 2011
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She’ll never offer her home for dwelling
As it is filthy with memories
And she’ll never offer her heart for selling
As it’s a shattered, fragile piece

In the night you’ll meet her eyes
The embodiment of brave
At this point she’ll hunt you down
The predator and prey

She’ll wait until you’re closed eyes, smiling
Tip-toe, she gathers all her things
And as you reach for the warmth of her body
She’s already on night’s wings

For one thousand faces will look like his,
The one who caused her pain
But one thousand faces she’ll have to scar
Before the pain is in vein

She’d been left alone and blamed
With her heavy hardened heart
And though you, boy, are not the same
Her needs are still so dark

She needs to leave to experience the feeling
To turn the tables round
To turn back time, to keep him from defeating
And instead let him drown

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