Dear Daddy

March 4, 2011
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Dear Daddy,

A message from below.
From your daughter
you left so long ago.
I ask now just one thing,
send your love down to me.

I ask for a blessing through my prapers,
Help me live this life without dispairs.
I can't live my life,
and I hope you see,
without your angels protecting me.
So don't send just one,
send them all.
Because I need all the help not to fall.

I've heard some things,
and I wish them true,
that you send pennies and butterflies too.
And now I watch for them to come,
on a rainy day or in the sun.
I don't wish for one,
I wish for ten,
To just one day land on my head.

So Daddy,
I'm hoping that's not too much.
Just a couple things,
don't feel to rushed.
You just left me too soon.
But i'll make it okay.
Just send me your love,
and pretty things too.

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