March 10, 2011
Can You Imagine…
Everyday crouched in darkness
Afraid to turn on a light in fear that they find you
Praying they won’t find you
And hoping with all your soul that you won’t
be the next corpse stuffed into a mass grave
I shudder to think of this terrible fate
That so many others have fallen victim to

Can You Imagine…
A day without color, laughter or light
The pain and suffering
The agonized cries tearing through the night
What if you left to save yourself but your family got left behind
And every day promising yourself that if you just keep believing they’re alive
They will be okay

Can You Imagine…
Returning just to find that everything you knew had been torn away
They were gone
Gone like the wind that had carried away their last breath
Gone like the past
Gone were the dreams they’d had for the future
They slaughtered everything, everyone and left nothing
Not even the children, not even the old, the frail, the defenseless
They killed with diamond hearts that nothing could penetrate
You think to yourself this is a nightmare I’m asleep, it can’t be reality
But it is.

And there is no need to imagine
It happened
In Rwanda, the Rwandan Genocide

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