March 10, 2011
By Alfilisara DIAMOND, Peoria, Arizona
Alfilisara DIAMOND, Peoria, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
A word to the wise is unnecessary. It's the stupid ones that need the advice. -Bill Cosby

Speak your mind
Speak to me
Tell me all
That is on your mind
I’ll listen
I want to hear
All that is
and needs to be said

You always
Seem to have
So much to say
Yet you don’t
get there
I make you nervous
You falter, unsure

Not too long ago
I was like that
I couldn’t look at you
Speak only a few words
You have given me
The confidence
To speak my mind
Now I ask
for you
To speak out yours

I know
It’s difficult
It shall
Take time
To get used to
To feel comfortable
With me

Let it out
Give it to me
What’s on your mind?
I couldn’t turn away
Not ever
I’ll understand
Whatever it is
That you have
To say

The author's comments:
I think it's funny. We're so uncomfortable around each other, even though we both like each other and want to get together some day.

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