Side-road Ditch

March 2, 2011
By starkiller220 BRONZE, Cleveland, Wisconsin
starkiller220 BRONZE, Cleveland, Wisconsin
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I've looked at water
From a side-road ditch
Through the lenses of a microscope.
It was teeming with life,
They know not the strife
Of a wiser, more intelligent world.

The senseless beings,
Knowing only themselves,
Appear foolish and stupid to me.
Without knowledge, they're free.

Are we senseless,
Compared with something greater,
What does our lack of greatness
Protect us from, free us from?

So full of ourselves,
How do we appear,
Through the lenses of a universe?
Something watches us, are we microbes to another?

Earth a side-road ditch
On the cosmic scale,
A small world, teeming with life.
We are the microbes in the water of a ditch nearby.

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