This Girl

March 10, 2011
By Country_Boy SILVER, Junction, Texas
Country_Boy SILVER, Junction, Texas
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There's this girl
I met her a while back
She's beautiful, sweet, funny, cute
There's not much she lacks.

Now when i first met this girl
I had no idea what was to come
After the first few times we talked
I knew she'd be fun.

Since I met this girl
It's been a while
But every time we talk
She can always make me smile
Even if it's a bad day
She can always make it better
She just seems to know the way
I just have to let her.

Now it's been a couple years
And we've only grown closer
But we both have fears
What if we fall for each other?
What about our hearts?

There's something about this girl
She's not like others
She fills my life with so many different colors
She's changed my life
That i cannot deny
The first thing I think of in the morning
And the last thing I think of at night.

You know those times in life
When you're out in the world
And you see something so beautiful
And you can tell the artist took his time on that?

Well I can tell
God took his time
On this girl. ?

The author's comments:
A girl that had a big impact on my life, that I cared greatly for was the inspiration of this poem. I hope that people can just one day find the type of relationship and feelings that I mentioned in this poem, and I hope they have a long happy relationship togethor.

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