The Hunt

March 10, 2011
Silence lingers
like the calm before a storm
the pray mingles
with others, its the norm.

The predator is watching
with the eye of a tiger
onward it is marching
preparing to fire

Slowly but surely
the predator moves on
Calmly and coolly
So the prey does not go on.

The prey is not worried
nor is it scared
though he will be alarmed
because it's demise will soon be there.

Creeping slower and steadier
clenching close to the ground
holding its breath as it readies for
the trap to fall down.

The predator strikes
the prey tries to run,
the prey's life will soon be over,
because the trap has been sprung

The prey hopes to live
but all hope is lost
as the predator gives
one last shot.

There is a struggle
but it will not last,
The preys in big trouble
His time has passed.

The fight is finished
the hunt is done
The predator has ended
the young ones fun.

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