On My Own, I Am Lost

March 9, 2011
I pray that I'll finally realize life isn't all about me
I hope that someday I'll wake up to the ringing in my ears
and know that love is not just a lie I live so I won't feel alone

I've been studying the colors behind my eyelids for so long now, that I've almost forgotten how to open them to the beauty of the light

If I wanted to,
I could go on shutting out the voices that try to reason with my stubbornness
I could push away everyone in my life that only want to keep my heart from breaking

If I needed to,
I could walk across thresholds of open doors, instead of crashing through closed windows
I could take the blame, accept forgiveness, and move on
but to run away from my mistakes, is all I've ever known
because I hate the consequences

I've failed in my search to do everything on my own
I'm tired of hurting myself more than anyone else ever could

I'm ready to listen,
to stop crossing the lines and getting lost

because I know now that I won't always be able to find my way back

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