Floral Imprint

March 13, 2011
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The first petal was hard to tear,
But it's not like you even care.

The second still hurt quite a bit,
But I had to stop my little fit.

The third petal came off with no pain,
But its mark left a stain.

The fourth made me think of you,
And the wake up call I always knew.

The fifth petal was a breeze,
And I forgot about you and that sleeze.

The sixth was quick and fast,
I know you guys will never last.

Then there's petal number seven,
Without you near I might be in heaven.

Because those flowers you once gave to me,
Made it harder for me to see.

So I plucked the petals one by one,
Showing we are finally done.

Because those flowers that now make me hurl,
were given to another girl!

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