March 10, 2011
At first she was calm;
there was a smooth rocking motion to the gait of the horse.
A steady rhythmic beat pounded out every time the dainty hoofs touched the ground, cantering round and round in circles.
Then all of the sudden
the whole mood changed and she was being tossed into the air as if she was as weightless as a feather.
The fear of both the horse and rider radiated around, giving the air a crackling and snapping tension.
she laid sprawled out, flat on her face.
Gasping for air that was denied her lungs when the cold, hard, unforgiving ground rose up to meet her,
bringing her full weight back down to earth with an impact that she thought could have sent her straight through the earth and out into orbit.
Unable to move and unable to breathe
Tears of fear and pain streamed down her face leaving trails in the dust, as her body trembled from the strain of trying to get up again.
The agonizing pain didn’t go away when she stood up from biting the dust
the tears started afresh when her instructor told her to get back on the horse.
It was the first time to learn,
when you fall,
you get back up
and ride.

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