March 10, 2011
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I sat there watching time goes by

I've waited all my life for help

waited for somebody to boost my confidence up

waited for someone to understand me,comfort me

but no one is around

As I turnd my head,a charming boy pass by

He complimented me,smiled at me

he made all sorts of promises and I felt for it

but truly he was a philanderer

His philippic against me shutted me down

I can't remember the last time I smiled

but sure can remember the last time I cried

I can't remember the last time I felt in love

but sure can remember the last time my heart was broken

It hurt me to know that those that I love are against me

they denie me in front of their friends

My appereance is all they notice

talking about how dirty I look,how ugly I am

but they forgot that one day I was beautiful

The only thing that I possess is a bandana

It's a treasure,nothing can replace it

This bandana stands for freedom,peace and unity

this bandana represent me and my true friends

Oh Lord help me

send a true man through my door

someone who will love me for who I am

I want somebody to help me get back up

I'm waiting for the one

Waiting just waiting !

P.S : This poem is NOT about me,it's about HAITI, how unlucky my beautiful country is and all the negative things that had been said and are still saying about Haiti.Those who grew up and Haiti are the only one that can tell you how beautiful Haiti is,Haiti is fun indeed.Notice that the "charming boy"in the poem represents the Presidents,how all of them made promises and didn't do none to help their Motherland.the "Bandana" represents the HAITIAN FLAG,it should be respected,it stands for love,unity,strength and Hope.Haiti shall rise !

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