My Turn

March 11, 2011
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I hate it.
I hate it.
When you scream,
At her like that,
You don't seem to realise,
Just how much you've,
Hurt her.
Hurt me,
With your venomous words.
You shove her,
Into your room,
With rough hands,
And slam,
The door behind you.
You shout at her,
Some more.
Tear are now,
Running down my face.
And I'm scared.
And I know what,
Mummy is crying,
Her heart out too.
Why do you do this?
Don't you know,
How hard,
It is for us?
To live in fear?
I hear a loud,
Bang from their room,
And I just want,
So badly,
To scream.
But I can't.
I force myself,
To keep it in.
And wait.
Wait for it,
To just stop.
I want,
To stand up,
For my mummy,
But I'm just,
To scared of you Daddy.
Mummy? Why did you,
Have to marry,
Such a monster?
Don't you know,
What a horrible,
Person daddy is?
I know if you,
Didn't marry him,
I wouldn't be born,
But it's alright.
It would be better,
Than living,
In fear,
In hell.
Daddy slams,
Their door,
And I can hear,
His footsteps.
And I know,
That he's coming,
For me.
Cause it's my turn

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