A Living Night

March 11, 2011
By BlackCanvas BRONZE, Rosedale, Indiana
BlackCanvas BRONZE, Rosedale, Indiana
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Notes flow around me, their happy melody play aloud
The beat vibrates through my body
Bringing cheerful thoughts to mind
My smile splits across my face
So luminous it out shines the moon
Like lightning bugs in the dark, smiles shine
Listening to the music booming through the air
Bodies moving to the rhythm
Air filled with a happiness, so blissful you can taste
Sweet and light, like candy
No care in the world shows, for tonight is a night to live
The crowd moves as one
An ocean of high spirits, high as the clouds as they soar
The stars are envious, as they hang of above us
The moon is our spotlight; showing everyone as exquisitely as the other
Living the night as if the night lives itself
Trees sway and winds dance
The night to remember

The author's comments:
I have too listen to music when i write.

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