A Heartbeat in death

March 11, 2011
By BlackCanvas BRONZE, Rosedale, Indiana
BlackCanvas BRONZE, Rosedale, Indiana
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Locked in a chest, like a treasure, kept from the world;
The key that opens that chest, hangs around your neck.
Kept there for your knowing no one can open your chest.
No one to find what you hidden from their eyes;
Something you couldn't control, a part you lost.
Lost without your knowing, taken from someone you loved.
Now you have it back it could never be used again.
Keeping it concealed in that chest.
Knowing it’s there, beating and broken.
You find your chest to look at its contents.
To watch your heart beat without a body.
Without a mind to tell it to love, your heart is broken.
Time was no doctor, for you turn fragile with age.
Still keeping your chest in the dark;
Living through day after day, waiting for the day your heart stops beating.
Looking in your chest, the beating stops, frozen sweet death takes your life.
Deaths face that was waited greeted.
Leaving your body around your chest;
Looking back to see that the chest was empty,
Feeling your chest, a smooth rhythm plays inside.
A heartbeat in death-

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Wyatt James Lawson

The author's comments:
I really like this one but no one else really seems too

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