The Ashes

February 22, 2011
By A.N.Mouse BRONZE, Mankato, Minnesota
A.N.Mouse BRONZE, Mankato, Minnesota
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If tomorrow turns into yesterday,
I won't care.
As time runs on
I'll wonder where
I would be tonight,
If I'd never met you.
What I'd do today,
If you were never there.
Who I'd love right now,
If you had disappeared.

Where would I be?
What would I do?
Who would I love,
Right now?

If you were gone,
If I forgot,
If I never remembered you.

And when I barely remember,
I'll burn your name,
And throw away
The ashes.

And I'll burn your name,
I'll burn your memory,
I'll burn that face that I can't stop seeing.

I'll burn your name,
I'll burn your face,
I'll burn your picture in my head.

Then I'll throw away
The Ashes.

The author's comments:
Another piece I discovered in an old notebook. The piece I discovered wasn't perfect, so this one is tweaked a bit. I get wonderful pictures of fire in my head when I think about this poem.

(Not that I'm a pyro or anything, cause I' totally not :) )

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