Ode to Denae

March 9, 2011
By asiemens BRONZE, Edmonton, Other
asiemens BRONZE, Edmonton, Other
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-Ernest Hemingway

O, valiant, smelly Denae!
Thine breath reeks of regurgitated foods
Thy heart is made of gold, and thy stomach of cast-iron
Thou knowest not what to say, but thine knowledge of how
To use thy odour to clear a room of all its occupants is one of true genius.
O! O, my dear Denae, how great is thy smell
How great is the stink you've blessed humanity with
Your love for all things furry, as gentle as thy may be with them,
Yet the repugnant smell of thy underarms driveth them away
They ran faster than the hawk may fly,
As fast as an animal whose existence is threatened
O, but my Denae, cursed and blessed how art!
Thy smell protects you from things you do not wish to meet,
But thine blessing is also thy curse
For all things you love do flee you too, and only the bravest are left standing,
Clothespins glued to our nostrils
We stand, your group of unwilling friends, bearing the stench that is you
For if we try to flee like so many before us, we fear thou wilt chase us,
Thy scent blowing through the crisp, once clean, air
We pity those animals that hath not clothespins in their possession
To prevent the burning odour from destroying their sense of smell
O, how we pity them!
Therefore, to ease the pain they already suffer,
We hath made the sacrifice
We hath given up the outside world, our lives...and our sense of smell
We cannot look behind us and gaze at what we were, what we could have been,
For from the day we made that sacrifice, thy smell hath touched us,
Making us only, but castoffs of thine deadly stench
O, Denae!
Why must thou destroy our hopes?
Hath thou any sense of compassion?
Then please, cleanse thy self in the healing waters of thy shower
Slather thy self in soap, shampoo and perfume
Let us breathe freely for the first time since we met thou
Let us swear that thy hath not lived in a garbage bin for thine entire life,
For we know that thy hath not
We beg of you, O queen of stench, cleanse thy self and let us live in peace.

The author's comments:
Just something fun I completed when I was bored. Based on my dear friend Denae, who has informed me that she does not smell. ;)

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