March 9, 2011
The night is fast approaching
enfolding me in its silent embrace.
The warmth of the sun is no longer my captor.
The fiery, glowing star retreats to the West.
Melting into a pool of yellow, red, blue, white and orange.
With an occasional purple hue.
The cool darkness that the shadows of Twilight bring
freeing me from my cage.
Free to roam across the sky, reflecting Solas' colorful light.
From six hours to nine I play among Heaven's angels.
Leaving no trace, but creating many mysterious legends.
Every day a battle I lose, and I am lost.
Buy by night I emerge victorious and with my star army behind me
I rule the sky.
But until that hour is reached, I bide my time.
When my blade of night pierces Solas' armor of day.
Watching Solas begin to bleed into the horizon.
My evening mists bring an adjourn to sleep.
The glowing orb I touch unscathed.
Farewell bright light of day.
Bring on the darkness of night.

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