March 9, 2011
By Lindsey Bulcavage BRONZE, Whitehall, Pennsylvania
Lindsey Bulcavage BRONZE, Whitehall, Pennsylvania
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School: the place where you grow, learn, and mature
The place where you find yourself
Finding, finding, finding
Who am I?
Every time I think I know, I change
And end up asking myself the same question once again

People everywhere, lots of different people
Big people, small people
The loving, and the cold hearted
Dragging along in the halls, going wherever they are told to go
Like a leaf dancing around in the wind

Tell me where to go, wind
Who am I? What do I want? Where do I want to go?
The answers are all within
So I must keep digging, and peeling away the layers
Peeling, peeling, one by one
Eventually I’ll reach the center

The author's comments:
this story is about growing up and finding yourself, and alsothe emotions that come along with it.

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