The Girl That Loves Me

March 9, 2011
By Babbe2 BRONZE, Northbrook, Illinois
Babbe2 BRONZE, Northbrook, Illinois
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I am as gray as a ghost,

With black beady eyes,

That have been scratched to their limits.

I am loved,

Kissed and poked,

Hugged and squeezed,

Brought from place to place,

Never leaving her side,

Always bouncing back and forth up against her,

For she is the one that loves me,

When she is sick,

I am there,

When she loses a friend,

I am there,

Even if it’s just a bad day at school,

I am there,

When she talks to me in bed,

As I get pulled to her chest in a large hug,

until she puts me back in my bed right next to her,

With a pillow and blanket,

Same as her,

I have been ripped,

And torn to pieces,

bits of white string peak out,

Thrown into the air,

I sat under the conch for weeks on end,

waiting for her to find me,

But she is always,

The girl that loves me.

The author's comments:
Well I wrote this because I was thinking a lot about my stuffed animal bear and how long I've had him and I was wondering what it would be like from his point of view so I wrote this.

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