Don't Come Back To Me

March 9, 2011
Who do you think you are,
Coming back to me now,
After the tears you made me cry,
The way I felt for you,
I won't forget,
Because when we were good you made me feel like flying,
But when we weren't you made me feel lower than dirt.

You knew I was crying,
You knew you hurt me,
But you turned everything on me,
And looking back,
I can't believe I thought you were right.

Because everything about you was so wrong,
Everything about us was so wrong,
From our first kiss to the way we ended,
None of it was meant to be.

It didn't take long for you to forget about me and move on,
You made that very clear,
I hope you're happy with her,
I really honestly do,
You must be if you've lasted so long with her,

Just one question though,
Why do you feel you can come back to me now?
I wasn't waiting on you,
I promise you that,
Unlike you it took time for me to feel okay,
So don't come back just to hurt me again,
You did a very good job the first time.

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