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March 9, 2011
test results, exams for academia and health
new horizons, the sun basking in white
college acceptance letters strewn onto cherry wood tables
anxious first kisses on brownstone doorsteps
a woman swole like a weather balloon
baby stumbling its first shaky walk
and pretty little girls learning to talk
male down on one knee, ring box propped open, jewel glistening
aeroplanes floating over the seas on the way to visiting
the past, the present, and the future
interns constructing rockets and crafting movies
the next nuclear bomb or oscar nominees
man on death bed in a hospice
breathing in what’s left
looking towards what’s next
wife waiting at terminal
breathing in what’s left
looking towards what’s next
as her husband dashes towards her in pixels of
tan and olive, green combat boots scuffling
one less limbed, but still smiling
recent divorcee signs away his family
breathing in a what’s left
looking towards what’s next
in a boardroom two spacious for such intimacy
mandarin jumpsuit called to court
let out on parole
but now twenty years older, disenfranchised, colder
breathing in what’s left
looking towards what’s next
president-elect steps up with podium
on a frigid january day
millions of citizens’ lives impacted
by this one man’s decision making
he inhales, delivers his speech
then turns on a heel to his daughter, crying, softly, joyfully
breathing in what’s left
looking towards what’s next
nothing will ever be the same
the past is now cinderblocked in the atlantic
all we can do is hope
said a nervous preacher after a school shooting
that rocked the idyllic boat
anticipation is a double-edged blade
a duality of hope and tragedy
wrapped in butcher-paper potential
transparent, yet opaque, cloudy
we are always anticipating something
a vacation, a visit, a job interview
but the only thing definite
is the anticipation of death
memento mori, welcome it
because as we wait in lines
for concerts and clubs
we move higher up
in the queue
of six feet under or
spread out on every avenue
don’t look so sad, it’s as natural as
tripped up words
when you meet
your favorite celebrity
after standing out in the rain two hours
just to see
how much better your life could be

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