Don't Let Me Fall

March 9, 2011
I believed in you
Prayed to you
Even set my life by you

Don’t Let Me Fall

Got mixed in the bad, the evil, the sin
And all the in between
And now I fall

I cried to you
Begged to you
To spare a life
And I was pulled to you

He was getting better
And I praised you
Willing to die for you

Don’t Let Me Fall

He died
My world was rocked
And I hated you
Cursing you
No longer believed in you
And now I fall

I hoped for the best
Put you to the test
And begged

Don’t Let Me Fall

A year goes by
My belief has died
But my hope still alive

I go back to you for forgiveness
Trying to find my purpose
Open to listen
Open to learn
And I pleaded to you again

Don’t Let Me Fall

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