The Water Sprite

March 9, 2011
Nixie…my dog
Standing in the tall grass
A regal being
In a sea of grass

Bounding through the wide expanse
Chasing after the prey
Catching up
Slowly gaining

Her yellow pelt
Softly glowing in the bright sunlight
The early morning shining
In the large brown pools of her eyes

Excited barks ring through the air
Morning songs of the birds
Cut off mid-note
As the barks escalade

Her enjoyment of the chase is obvious
Her coat quivering
As her muscles twitch and stretch
In her joyous run

The rabbit she chases
Scared and twitchy
As it races back to the safety of its den
The tension released

Her frantic digging
As we pull her away
Her body hard yet pliant under our guiding hands
My fingers through her fur

The love in my heart
As I pull my dog away
From the terrified rabbit den
Walking back up to the house with my guardian

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