March 9, 2011
Fear of failure
Letting you down
Fear of hurting your feelings
Would you forgive me?
Fear of being wrong
I can't always be right
Fear of falling in love
Or falling flat on my face
Fear of trusting my heart
Cause I never use my head
Fear to speak up
Sometimes I regret not holding back
Fear of holding on
Or maybe it's letting go
Fear of my emotions
Those mood swings control me
Fear of my future
My past still shackles me
Fear of being alone
But I can't stand to be surrounded
Fear of not succeeding
But I'm not chasing after success
Fear of what lurks in the night
Or what hides from me in the day
Fear of being called out
Still I want people to know my name
Fear of being left out
But standing out isn't always the right way
Scared of the scale
But I always weigh my options
Fear of not being good enough
Maybe perfection doesn't want my company
Fear of no self control
What happens if I lose myself?
Fear of being guilty
But too proud to ask for help
Fear of being ashamed
But some things I can't apologize for
Fear of being satisfied
I'm searching for something more

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