Where I Come From

March 9, 2011
I am from simple times, and a young mother and father.
I am from the country, but belong in the city.
I am from manners, and being considerate. Always caring for people.
I am from the water, a fish, Pisces that represents me all too well.
I am from the imagination, and playing games in the backyard. Making a tree into a castle.
I am from a lot of love, unconditional love that is suffocating and inviting rolled into one.
I am from the musical styling of Fleetwood Mac, The Police, and infamous one-hit-wonders. The soundtrack of my youth, and the songs I couldn’t live without.
I am from the feeling of adventure, and the feelings of excitement. Never wanting to waste a sunny day.
I am from the problems I create for myself. Never being able to relax, never being able to be about the issues.
I am from a different generation, but traveled through time to be stuck here. Here, in a technology driven world with superficial desires.
I am from always seeing the good in people, and at times being taken advantage of for caring.
I am from being independent and wanting to be alone, taking care of myself, and never accepting help.
I am from the arts. The visions and life I capture in my work. The music and emotions I base my life around.
I am from me. Nothing much to me besides a big heart and an open mind. A girl looking for direction and the answers, but quickly learning there’s nothing to be found. I have the answers; I just don’t want to know them yet.

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