The Rhythm of a Silent Heart

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It’s in the earth’s soil,
Rolling through the pastel skies,
Singing from the treetops,
Hiding in Wednesday’s free pie.
But all I saw was the rain,
Mixing with the tears from my pain.

Earth is filled with bumps,
Curves and dips.
In a world so round,
What goes around comes around.
But I never stuck around to see,
What a world without flat maps could be.

The soft rhythm of beats show depths of love,
That can’t be seen.
I wish I knew my heart was there,
Before I paid fair,
To a world that wasn’t even there.
I realized my mistake,
I was not heartless, but it was a little too late.

Planes would fly above in the skies,
Diving and Flying,
Freedom and Flair,
I’d reach my hands up into the air,
To find something I hoped could not compare.
Instead inside my hands were two paper planes,
Not able to break away,
From my hands that acted as chains.

And for the first time I realize,
That this life I lived,
Was such a good life,
But now I’m wanted dead or alive.
It’s too late to apologize,
Even though I can still hear their cries.

I, with my feet two inches above the ground,
Swing more afraid than ever,
See my little sister sink to the ground.

Hey Little Suzie! I want to call,
But that day not one but two girls died,
Nothing can undo what I did
No hard workin’ man with a sea of dreams,
Could set my secrets free,
Because now they lie,
In a living girl who used to love pie.

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