Really, why?

March 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Words and meanings-
Standards. Acceptable. Success. Mutual. Society. Hypocritical. Corruption. Domestic.
-That I hate
A pursuit-
True, Freedom, Happy, Expression
-That I hope I will die for.
We don't live in a time of civil unrest affects everyone, and my peers seem to live with no true cause. I hope to reflect a piece of mind-
Why is a life focused on paper, whether it be documents, the numbers that identify you, or decreasingly worthless dollar bills, worth living?
The life connected with nature that I seek is being killed slowly and my son's son may not have the oprotunities to live as I can now. This is my fear, for when I am dead the lush green may die with me.
The sad thing is that I honestly wonder, why am I even writing this?
Who cares?

The author's comments:
Horray for the generation of Apathy! That essentially sums it up.
Why did I pick the picture that I did to accompany this poem? Well, simply put, it is my target audience.

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