The Love Of My Life

February 23, 2011
When i see u standing there
i can barley breath
When i see u smile
I almost fall to my knees

When i hear your voice
across the room
I almost cry
at the pain that comes too

I remember when u held me
Close and tight
I remember the day and nights that i cried
And your were there by my side

I remember the times we laughted
i remember the times we never let go
I remember the times we had together
I remeber the way i felt with you there

I cant say now that i can forever remember
I cant say now i will love u forever
I cant say now that this isnt your fault

I can say however; I remeber the way it felt
I remeber the tears i cried
I remeber the way i felt that night
I still sit and wonder why
I still sometimes cry

But all alone im getting stronger because the love of my life is no longer

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