Let's Talk About It

March 25, 2011
I want to talk about the children.
The happy children, sad children
Forgotten children, children left behind,
Abused and misused children,
and the ones who never had a chance.

A child’s laugh could brighten anyone’s day
Why would someone want to take that away?

Politician’s, what the hell do they know?
They thrive to make their lives better,
And only please “the important”
That’s all they do

We protest about unions,
We fight about racism,
But what about the
lost, confused and lonely children

You see a bruise, frown, or tear
And we turn our cheek.
Why? Because it’s not our business

They are our future
So why do we care so little

Those children could turn out
To be our Politician’s,
Why should they care about making our lives great,
if we didn’t care to help them?

We try not to think it’s true
But some mother Is sitting on the couch
With make up streaming down her cheeks
and eyes red and puffy,
because her baby was
taken on the way to school.

Celebrities, sports stars, and models…
Do we honestly care what happens to them?
Lil Wayne goes to jail again, ok?

What about the child that could possibly be killed
You don’t want to air that?

Talk about the high amount of children that get
Raped, kidnapped, or murdered

Talk about the children who have to go home to
Abusive parents, drugs addicted siblings, and no love from anyone.

Better yet talk to the children
Let them know we’re here
Make them trust you
They have story they need to share.

How would you like it if you found out,
your 6 year old niece, nephew, child, or grandbaby,
Knew what weed was, or that they could fully describe
How to roll a blunt
Hurts doesn’t it?

Do you ever stop and think about those children?

Let’s talk about the abuse they get
Talk about the bruises left on their small helpless bodies.
No, you don’t want to

How about rape?
Let’s talk about how many
Sex offenders live so close to the schools.

We’re so worried about ourselves that we forget.

We honor our soldiers, ancestors and role models.
We have days to remember them.

Why don’t we remember the children?
The ones who died because no one
wanted to care

We need to remember those children, who aren’t
Strong enough to fight off a man,
The ones who don’t know how to
take care of themselves

We need to honor those children who gave their lives
So we could think about our own.

We are more than happy to protest about our jobs and careers,
But how many of you would travel to protest about children?
What if your child was apart of the situation,

Oh… Now you want to care.
Good one.

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